30 Day Bootstrap Bootcamp

Go from crisis to having the business and life that you want in 30 days.

Course Summary

Our expertly-paced Bootcamp is made for solo to small-business entrepreneurs. Whether you are just thinking about starting out or have a long-term business struggling to stay afloat, you now can harness decades of training & expertise to make the changes you need to make. The tools are right here in front of you. It's now or never.

Course Curriculum

Jennifer Gligoric

Jennifer Gligoric

Maven G.

Former Bootcamper

I was so burned out by mid-2020 I was ready to sell my fitness business.  I had a branded franchise and prior positive track record but potential buyers only saw the low revenue. I'm glad I mustered the energy and made this investment.  I had completely overlooked some revenue avenues that were uncovered during the course & coaching. Now I don't have to sell but if I want to, I get to be in control and have options.

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  • Bootstrap Bootcamp 30 Day Program
  • $997 USD

    Thirty day online crisis training for business owners with community support and optional coaching.

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